We, Dominik Balmer and Denny Bretschneider, founded maNNege Gastro GmbH in November 2019 and have since been running the "Hotel Hirschen" inn in Beromünster.

Our credo is Swissness and regionality. This is reflected not only in the selection of drinks and wines, but also in the choice of products for our menu.

Our region obliges:
Nestled between the Seetal and Surental valleys lies Beromünster.

Not only are there small breweries nearby, but also beautifully situated vineyards, which now grow good wines on almost 70 hectares.

The largest part of our menu is made up of Swiss wines, which come from Oberkirch (Haselrain, Rankhof) and Hitzkirch (Kaiserspan) via Basel to the Zürcher Weinland. Wines from western Switzerland, especially from the Valais, are also included.

When selecting dishes, we rely on local producers and suppliers. These include farmers in the village and surrounding area as well as the Fläcke-Chäsi and the Galliker butcher's shop.
Our dishes are prepared and cooked in-house, and we largely do without convenience products.

We are constantly working on a balanced menu, which should accommodate every Swiss region, be it constant or seasonally changing.

Various events are planned for the coming months in the bar, in the hall and in the restaurant.

My name is Dominik Balmer. I am 27 years old and successfully completed my apprenticeship as a restaurant specialist in the beautiful Zürcher Weinland, in a 14-point Gault Millau restaurant, where regionality and seasonality are also very important. I then worked at the Park Hotel in Winterthur, where I met Denny Bretschneider and we worked together for almost two years. After further positions as a restaurant and bar employee, among others in Bern and Weggis, I last worked as a restaurant and banquet manager in the "Sonne" in Eich.

My name is Denny Bretschneider. I am 42 years old and was born in the GDR. I completed my apprenticeship in hotel management at the 5* Renaissance Hotel in Chemnitz. I stayed there for a few months after my apprenticeship before moving to the sister hotel at London Gatwick Airport.
After my civilian service, which I completed at the Diakonie in mobile geriatric care (similar to Spitex), I started my first job in Switzerland in October 2001 at the Mövenpick Aiport Hotel.
From then on, various positions followed as service and bar staff in and around Zurich, as deputy restaurant manager in the Cha Cha Restaurant in Bern and finally as deputy hotel manager in the X-tra Hotel in Zurich.

Kontaktieren Sie uns per +41 (0)41 552 30 91 oder  hotel@hirschenhotel.ch, wir geben gerne Auskunft.